Evaluation of operation of SZTIR control reserve menagement program

OData support
Faludi Andor
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Control Reserves' IT system

In my dissertation I processed the Control Reserves’ management, which is one of the main tasks of the Hungarian Transmission System Operator (MAVIR). The Control Reserves’ Informatic System (SZTIR) was created to implement this task. At the beginning of the dissertation I will place SZTIR into MAVIR’s system and I will present the way leading to the System’s realization.

After that I will describe the main processes, like the submission of the bids as the basic of the whole system, the planning of the reserves and the regulation, and also some non directly business processes.

To compare the functions used in NIP, and the improved versions in SZTIR, at first I will demonstrate the principle of operation applied in NIP, then these functions’ realization in SZTIR in detail, and the here factualy used optimization.

At the end of the dissertation I will sum up the advantages of the new system, the further developement possibilities, furthermore I will present a developement made by me.


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