Methods of planning ancillary services

OData support
Dr. Divényi Dániel Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the electrical energy systems we always need secondary and tertiary reserves to keep the security of supply. In every countries, the transmission system operator has to possess these reserves. The beginning of my thesis, I write generally about the European electrical energy systems and how to keep the balance in the systems. Followed by, the presentation of the Hungarian procurement and settlement rules of secondary and tertiary reserves. The transmission system operator has to purchase these reserves on market and has to allocate reserves on variable mode.

In the third part, I analyze these procurement how to make them more economical and what kind of effect have the changes in procurement in the last years. Before 2012, MAVIR had another method for these procurement, like nowadays. For these cases I’ve made a computational model in Matlab. Previously I present with nominal datas the operation of model, and after that I analyze the procurement datas of 2014 January, February, March and July.


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