Modelling of controlled permanent magnet synchronous and squirrel cage

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering


The speed-controlled drives with synchronous and asynchronous motors have been able to spread thoroughly in industrial applications through their wide-range applicability and the competitive price of power-electronic instruments.

The thesis focuses on the simulation of a speed controlled permanent magnet synchronous and a directed squirrel-cage asynchronous motor. The thesis compares the models built in the Matlab program and the models prepared through mathematic equations using the parameters of the above mentioned program-models.

PI controllers are used for controlling the speed of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. Two cases are simulated for controlling the current vector subordinated to the speed control: in the first case the limiters built in the PI parts are not let to show up, in the second case speed control is done through directing the controllers in saturation.

In the case of an asynchronous motor directed operation is done: in this case the symmetric 3-phase motor voltage is controlled; hence there is no need for any feedback from the motor side. The frequency and amplitude of the line power are increased linearly up to the required values to reach a specified speed and flux. After reaching the required values the operation of the motors is examined through linking them to a torque.


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