Policy analysing

OData support
Dr. Strausz György
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The continuous expansion and change of legal systems

proves to cause a lot of difficulties to lawyers who

should be otherwise familiar with the field.

For these reasons, it becomes increasingly important to find a solution

for the increased amount of legal information, the

understanding between the different national legal systems, common

search to ensure the implementation of integration.

In my thesis I examined legal knowledge-based systems

modeling the regulations, then the document model

and the possibility of linking knowledge model. After the legal documents

sources of domestic and international environment, common formats and

standards are analyzed, pointing out the weaknesses and proposing solutions

In Hungary, the available source documents required for conversion.

The thesis will design an application that allows easy

could be converted into XML, HTML and PDF format MetaLex legal texts

format, as well as current legislation allows electronic

Collection to search, download off of the

analysis and labeling of retrieved documents.

The application includes a unique szerkesztőkomponenst that

wording of the legislation makes it easy because it does not need

directly edit the XML files, a simple enough - the application

developed a unique - a markup language used, the end result

Yet in a labeled detail, the needs of the modern age

appropriate, portable XML document.

In addition to editing the navigation is also the chance, because

the wording of the individual links to take you

the desired structural elements.


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