Industry standards compliant framework to install and manage smart card applications

OData support
Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Smart cards provide efficient solutions for services requiring user identification or distributed data storage.

Nowadays smartcard technologies are applied in several business domains e.g. in payment and access systems. The contactless interface and the multi-application support increase the popularity of this technology. However, the support of these card features requires more complex back-office functionality.

The content management of smartcards is a significant function in these card management systems. However, there are only small number of solutions which implement this functionality on a transparent and platform-independent way and providing secure remote access for the secure elements. The aim of my thesis is to develop an application with these capabilities.

The main requirement was to implemented a software which compliant with the standards that specified by the GlobalPlatform, the institution responsible for the standardization on the field.

My thesis consists of four main chapters. Chapter one introduces the topic and the motivation of the work. Chapter two comprises a short summary of the related specifications used in the development work. In Chapter three and four I describe the challenges of the development and the applied solutions in the implemented software environment. The testing methods used to validate the functionality of the developed application are described in Chapter five.

The last section of this thesis presents the summary of my work and some possible options to extend the application’s functionality and support the further proliferation of the smart card technologies.


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