Study of real-time distribution algorithms of delivery tasks for a fleet in indoor mobile robot platforms moving in a fixed network of routes

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

With the progression of technology humanity has an increasing amount of effect on the environment. We not only build tools which can help us control and manage our world easier but also ones that are capable of changing tasks by supervising themselves. Machines like these can be called robots. The improvement of artifical intelligence methods as well as the potential within gives a huge thrust towards robotics developement.

In my dissertation I achieved making a high-level route planning algorithm with mobile robots following a strict path. The system is capable of creating an optimal collison-free route from a predetermined road-network and the tasks given to the robots. Although the individual robots are following a bounded route, we can allow some of them to take a bypass so they make way for the other units.

The algorithm relies on two main elements including optimalisation based on genetic algoritm and max-plus algebra. This diploma plan is showcasing the algorithm with two robots. The necessary implementation of low level management tasks is successfully executed in Matlab and in NI LabView as well.


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