Development of a Transportation Management Solution in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP environment

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In the first section of my thesis, in Introduction (1st chapter), I will write about Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP System, C/AL programming language. In this chapter, logistics related definition with a lot of literature search will be defined.

In the next chapters (2nd chapter – 6th chapter) my concrete job’s plan and solution will be presented. First, those functions will be gathered which there are in the system and I need to solve the task. Then, in this chapter (2nd chapter), those functions will be gathered which are missed, I need to create. Then, the mode of missing functions’ creation will be shown in separated chapter (3rd chapter). If this will be finished, I will write about the hardest part of the task, the capacity optimization algorithm in form of text first, then this algorithm will be presented with code details. I devote two separated chapters (4th and 5th chapter) for this. This important, I will write in this section, but in a separated chapter (6th chapter), how I can load test data in system for testing.

In the last bigger section (7th chapter), which connect my task, testing and further development will be discussed. First, I will walk around the different results with diagrams. The testdatas will be guessed accordingly. The results, lessons of testing will be shared. After testing, I will write about further development opportunity. Here, I will propose which further development opportunity I see in the program.

By the end of my thesis remain two bigger chapters. One of them is the Bibliography, where there are references. Another is the Appendix, where the important screen pictures, which are necessary for running program, are seen in one.


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