OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our highly computerized society, technologies which make personal appearance unnecessary, are gaining strength, because they spare profit and time for the system owners. One of these remotely accomplishable tasks is the management of remote computers, where we can administer several machines from a central unit. A specialized branch of this, when we manage the files and directories of the remote machine. During the creation of my thesis, I reviewed the features of the .NET framework, the C# language and the utilization of the Windows Presentation Foundation technology. I designed and made an application based on .NET, and implemented it in C# using a client-server model. With the application we can do remote file manipulations, such as copying, renaming, deleting, and adding comments to files and dictionaries. During my progress, I used the ADO.NET technology for database usage, the Windows Presentation Foundation for implementing the user interface, and the Windows Communication Foundation for establishing the client-server connection, and to conduct the communication.


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