Developing Computer Animations for Illustration of Semiconductor Devices

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Dr. Czirkos Zoltán
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis is about creating simulation and animation applications to be used in our education system. These animations should include a PN conjuction diode simulation and an interactive crystal structure display, which shows a 3D rotatable unit cell. The currently used programs are old and can't even be used on some of today's devices. The main goal was to replace these applications with new and modern ones, which can be used on computers and smartphones as well.

First I researched the technologies that could be used to create these animations, including native and web solutions as well. After I listed their advantages and disadvantages, I chose the web technologies.

Next I searched for some libraries against the common issues in web development. I chose require.js for asynchronous source loading, pixi.js for high performance 2D drawing, and UIkit for website responsivity.

Then I designed my own framework: the main controller class, the async animation loading, and the commonly usable control widgets. After these I implemented the necessary animations: the PN conjuction diode and the 3D crystal structure diplay. The math behind the 3D$\to$2D projection was written by me as well.

Lastly, I tested my programs on different browsers and devices as well, then I reviewed the final product against the requirements.


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