Reliability analysis of process operations

OData support
Dr. Marosits Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the remote administration of thousands of computers and servers is an everyday task. Over and above, the importance and frequency of these actions will definitely increase in the near future as the cloud-technology spreads.

The termination of any application is one of the most important part of the remote management. If the application consist of only one process, this action usually can be done without any disruption. But if those applications which have to be monitored and controlled are composite, which means that they can create a complex process tree during their execution, furthermore if these have some self- and relative-monitoring algorithm implemented, the termination of these processes and trees can be really difficult.

In my thesis I examine both the Windows and UNIX-based operating system solutions for this problem. I will go around what kind of tools these platforms have to manage single processes and complex process trees. To measure the reliability of these tools, I created several test applications on different languages such as Java, C\# and Python.

After the measurement, I compare the tools and solutions capabilities and reliability, and highlights their weaknesses.


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