Game Development in OpenGL/Cg Environment

OData support
Dr. Szirmay-Kalos László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Today there are two main types of PC games: those requiring high configuration, and flash games which can be played on the internet. There are hardly any programs that do not require an internet connection and can still run on low configuration and provide an enjoyable visual experience.

The aim of my thesis is to design and implement the graphics of such a game using simple tricks yielding beautiful results.

In this work I briefly summarize the operation of incremental image synthesis and the process of programming of the GPU, specify the chosen procedures in the subsections on the butterfly (being constructed with help of Bezier-curves, simulating wings while time passes), sky (skybox technique, texturing, camera setup, night and daylight changing, stars and water lilies), bubbles (interference, noise, some reflection and lines of motion) and water (polygonmesh, rolling waves, reflection, environment mapping), then evaluate the results, and finally, provide some ideas for further development.


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