Computer Game with Volumetric Models

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Dr. Szirmay-Kalos László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is creating an aquarium with volumetric models.

Constructing the virtual world with this method is a rather new technique in real-time applications, because the computing capacity of prior technology wasn't sufficient. The simulation of light absorbing and dispersing materials is also made possible using volumetric models.

In this aquarium the only living creatures are the fish, which swim in random directions. On the bottom of the aquarium there is a solid, randomly generated, bumpy terrain. There are several soft objects with dissimilar figure at different places, which change shape throughout the simulation. The light is absorbed by the water, so the objects' and the water's color is darker towards the bottom of the aquarium. Also, they cast shadow on the terrain or on each other, if one of them is deeper. I used an algorithm called shadow mapping for creating this effect, that is usually used in rasterization, but can be useable here as well.

Fast computing is essential to visualize these in real time, so the calculations are computed on the GPU rather than on the CPU, to take advantage of parallelization.


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