Planning and implementation of adventure video game

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Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis is about the planning and development of an adventure game containing classic game elements such as dialogues between the characters and such as inventory. The latter not only enables the storage of items gathered during the game, but as a classic game element it also facilitates the creation of brand new items for the player using the collected resources. The paper gives an insight into the way I worked out the dialogues between the player and the virtual characters and into the manner I built in a logical problem to be answered in the course of the game.

In order to develop the game programme that gives the basis of my thesis I used the most popular and state of the art three dimensional game development tool of our days, the Unreal Engine. This development Engine provides numerous possibilities of creating and making a virtual world operating. Out of these, I chose a variety of Blueprints to develop my two moduls.

Prior to the creative work, I had made a research on literatures of similar games, which helped me to outline a script I could base the development phase on. It was an important technical aspect to develop a manageable, userfriendly inventory and crafting Engine which can handle its elements dynamically at the same time. During the planning and development of the conversation Engine for the dialogues my aim was to keep it simple but improvable as well with more characters and dialogues later on.

As a last phase I tested the game programme involving several players to get feedback on how I succeeded in developing the game’s basic functions compared to my previously drafted plans.


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