Coputer controlled 3 phase energy meter

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Kisvölcsey Jenő Dr.
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The final paper, a computer-controlled three-phase power measurement device hardware and software design would like to present. The development would result in a description of the exact details are too long, so only the most relevant results of the work are highlighted, the chronological order is ignored.

The first chapter provides a brief summary to the planning of what was my goal, what were the criteria, which meet the basic requirements of the device. I explain this in a specification further a functional block diagram shows the structure of the device.

At the second chapter, I present the steps of the hardware design, and the reasons are also highlighted. This is just below the level of development must be understood as schematic, printed circuit design and the implantation is not affected because the device hasn’t been produced. Furthermore, the individual hardware components relevant to the design features are described. This is not very ample, only the important factors of the operation are mentioned.

The third chapter presents the details of the software design. Both individual measurements and calculations of theoretical background, the implementation options are taken into account. Of course, I do not go into the particularization of each algorithm, but the important things are discussed.

The fourth chapter contains the summary, the results obtained during the testing and the reviews of them, and what’s more, the opportunities for further development and the conclusion.


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