Integrating a billing system to an application for delivery services

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

During my semester, my main goal was to create my thesis. I created my thesis at Netlife Company. My job was to extend an already existing courier application so that it can be used to create invoices. My job was really varied and diversified, I learned about a lot of new technologies. I had to meet a lot of different people. I had to keep in contact with the workers at the courier company, so that I can gather information regarding the invoice creation function. I also had to get in contact with different online billing providers.

My thesis project was to enable an already existing courier application to create digital invoices, through integrating an invoice creating functionality. First I had to study the already existing online billing companies and the different api-s(Application Programing Interface) provided by them. I had to decide whether I write my own billing software or use an already existing “out of the box” solution. I had to understand the functionality of the courier app, and I had to understand the demands regarding the billing function. Afterwards I had to do the different developments on the app. I created three brand new functions, and made some changes to the already existing functions. I also had to make some changes regarding the database system. Through the creation of the new functions I used SAPUI5 technology. I used OData for the communication with our own database. I used Ajax requests through jQuery technology to create the api calls.

At the beginning of my thesis you can find the demands for the new functionality and a description about the original app. You can learn about my method with which I chose the billing solution. Afterwards you can find a detailed presentation about the used technologies. Finally I will present you, how all the technologies came to gather to make up a multiplatform web based application.


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