Accounting module for CIRCLE cloud

OData support
Dr. Dóbé Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my thesis I engineered and implemented an accounting system in the CIRCLE educational cloud.

During the planning, I took notice of different approaches, and chose an adequate and reasonable one for this purpose.

The importance of accounting has been proved several times. Nowadays using a cloud service is prevalent and popular, with a fairly great market base.

The largest IT companies, like Google, also have seen the huge opportunity in the cloud, and not just as powerful technology, but as well paying income possibility too.

Moreover, there is Amazon which started as online book shop, and now it's one of the biggest cloud service providers with huge product range.

I start to make ideas real with these ambitions.

After I got to know the architecture and working of CIRCLE, I've inspected some existing methods of accounting and statistical purpose data collection.

Then I chose the most fitting solution from the available alternatives, which I've implemented in CIRCLE.

Finally I gathered future development possibilities.


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