Implementing and adapting a billing system for VoIP services

OData support
Szigeti Szabolcs Zoltán
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

During the last 20 years, the telecommunication companies went through a huge change. While the development of technology created new services and market demands, for the service industry it has created new challenges. With the appearance and spread of new generation telecommunication services, the billing systems of the service companies have significantly changed, and today these systems are closely

integrated with other components of the companies’ IT infrastructures (back-office), thus the boundaries between the systems more like been wear off.

In my thesis I search the best solution for a specific problem. My task is the design and implementation of an entire billing, customer service and reseller system’s framework of a pre-lauch VoIP service. In details, I present the technological background of the services and related open source-coded projects, and thoroughly analyze the softswitch systems used by the company, investigate the local applicable billing law requirements. As part of the design process, I gathered the requirements posed for the system, from which I’ve created a detailed abstract. In details, I’ve analyzed the applicable platforms, frameworks and other technologies during the implementation of the desinged system

(SOA, Qt 4, Java, JAX-WS, GlassFish Metro, C# (.NET 4), WCF).

At the end, I’ve implemented the desiged system with the help of.NET 4 / WCF / WPF and ASP.NET frameworks. The result is a rapid, easly usable and safe SOA architectural based system, which is built on a central web service, a WPF graphic application and an ASP.NET customer portal.

The finished system is capable of the automatic billing of VoIP services, the handling of customers, services and applications, and keeping in contact with the customers. The system provides a secure base for their future developments, for the introduction of new services and thus the servicing of their customers on the long run.


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