Physics based modeling of the saxophone

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Dr. Fiala Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The object of the present paper is the physical modelling of wind instruments, from among those, concentrating on the modelling of the Saxophone - more specifically speaking, the Alto Saxophone.

The first chapter consideres the body of wind instruments as resonators, handling them as tubes with smooth inner surface, constant wall thickness and of arbitrary crossectional profile. It presents methods suitable for modelling such resonators, and compares those of them that have been implemented by the author.

In the second chapter there is a brief discussion of methods used in wind instruments to change the pitch of the instrument when playing on them, after which attention is turned upon tone holes typical of woodwind instruments. Then comes an observation of typical parameters of such tone holes and the common dimensions of them, followed by the introduction of their possible modelling methods with an emphasis on which factors are taken into consideration in each of them.

To conclude, in the final chapter the united modell that is obtained by integrating the tone hole models into the first model is taken under inspection via comparing results calculated with different tone hole models to the results of measurement, after which there is a brief peak at the possible ways of further refinemet of the model.


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