Selectively anodized titanium dioxide antireflective coatings for solar cells

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

My thesis was to develop a process for selective anodization of TiO2 ARC usable on solar cells. It contained the study of Ti anodization, selective etching process, making experiments on these topics, and finding reliable qualifying methods.

I conducted the earlier experiments on cathode sputtered samples of titanium layers. The result of this experiments led to the making of a new sample holder setting. With the new setup I succeeded in anodizing the sputtered layers, also observed the process and fine-tuned the parameters.

The further experiments were conducted on vacuum evaporated Ti samples, later on Ti+Cu sandwich structures. I found a way to selectively etch the copper of the titanium under photoresist masking. During the adnodization of the evaporated layers, I observed the differences of the anodization of sputtered and evaporated samples.

To the selectively anodized structure, I galvanized copper to observe its properties for the further use of this process on solar cells.

The inspection of the samples were made with optical microscope, C-V measurements and ellipsometry.

In the course of my work I succeeded to develop a process that can be used on solar cells after the proper modifications.


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