Optimization of selective conformal coating technology

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Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

My thesis work was to study the different conformal coating technologies at Katek Hungary Kft. I got to know the selective coating technology detailed and the „Nordson Asymtek SL940” selective coating machine.

I studied the types and features of different coatings, handling and programming the coating machine. My aim was to optimize the coating process and choosing the adequate process parameters. I set up an experimantal design in order to know the properties of coating varnish.

I used an „Elantas Bectron-PL4122E” varnish that based on polyurethane resin for selective coating. The chosen process parameters and measurements concern this varnish. I made my experiments on multi layer FR4 boards and characterisation cards. Evaluation of the experiments could help me very much furthermore to write different coating programs.

Because of result of my experiments I could choose the proper process parameters which meet quality standard (IPC-A-610E) and customer requirements.


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