Utilization of Wind Energy

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Dr. Járdán R. Kálmán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In my Final Project I made a comprehensive study of wind energy application and

designed and selected the main parts of a medium size wind power system.

The first part of my Final Project gives an overview about the history of wind

energy and wind is defined here as an energy carrier medium and here can be read how

wind is competitive with other power sources. The Chapter two is about the wind turbine

technology, here I wrote about the main types of wind turbines and the components of

horizontal-axis wind turbines. In Chapter three the technical, geographical and

economical background of the usage of wind energy in Europe and in Hungary is studied

and here can be seen that the European and Hungarian trends are different in this area. In

Chapter four I wrote about the electrical background of wind power systems including

the wind energy conversion into electrical energy. This first part can be considered as the

theoretical background of wind energy application.

In the second part of my thesis the main section of my Final Project starts. Here

the main parts of a horizontal-axis wind turbine are designed and selected. The main parts

of the system are developed and modeled in Matlab/Simulink environment, like the

battery charger, PWM controller and the wind turbine. The most interesting part of this

project is the battery charging system because the batteries are built together with DC/DC

converters that can limit the maximum cell voltage and the depth of discharge with PID

controllers. I made an approximate calculation about the pay-back time of the system and

it turned out that in Hungary a good wind power project can be paid off in five year.


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