Design of a valve controller circuit for two-phase Lab-on-a-Chip devices

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

A microfluidic test environment is under construction at Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Electron Devices in which mono stable operation external valves are utilized so far. These ones dissipate heat while working therefore aren't suitable for thermally sensitive measurements. Bistable valves can handle this problem as heat is only dissipated on state transitions. The operation principles of both valves are introduced and analyzed in depth from thermal point of view.

Design and implementation of such bi-stable valve controllers based on a H-bridge circuit are presented. The two types of such valves are compared by measurements in a thermal operation manner which resulted that the bistable valve is more suitable for thermally sensitive applications. Infra-imaging and temperature measurement of flow-through fluid was performed.

A controller software for the bistable valve controller module was also developed and integrated into the software of the test environment.


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