Windturbine generator comparison

OData support
Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

I have been studying wind energy in the past few month while i was writing my thesis. I become familiar with the upcoming problems during it’s intergration, and also with the technical innovations and solutions for these problems. Furthermore i studied the most common wind turbine types of our days, i examined their structure and both their control systems and control stategies as well. I gained essential knowledge in the use of power system simulation tool DigSilent PowerFactory, and with the use of this knowledge i made simulation models for the wind turbines. I used a model network containing two wind farms, and these models to make simulations representing events and malfunctions from real life. During these simulations i observed various parameters of the network, so i could make a comparison between the different wind turbine types. With the use of my results and additional information gathered from other scientific resources, i was able to make a reccomendation for the most suitable wind turbine type.


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