Wind power plant-hydrogen hybrid system

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Dr. Hunyár Mátyás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today, renewable energy is a popular topic. The renewable energies are relegated to the background because of the possibilities for use and because of economic concerns. In the next period it is necessary to exploit these energies and turn them for our benefit. Today the necessary technologies are avaliable and we should apply them with adequate initial capital to help the „green energy” spread easily and economically.

The presence of a periodic wind, pulsations, variation is limited by the electrical grid. The rapid weather changes due to conventional power plants must be available to avoid possible blackouts. Because if there is no wind, you need replace the loss of power,or if you work close to full capacity, these substitutes should be stopped when the green aspects were taken into account. Unfortunately, the economic considerations prevail, so often the wind power plants to be control down for optimal level.The idea of ​​wind power and hydrogen hybrid system has been find out, but fuel cells and electrolysers weren't adequate to apply.

Hydrogen as an energy storage option has many advantages:

• variable power can produce hydrogen,

• we can provide consistent performance to the network,

• eliminates the turbulence caused by pulse

• fast response to load change,

• short-term losses can be bridged over,

• hold timetable aided,

• increase the utilization of wind power plants,

• "excess" energy for hydrogen production

• in peak period, the stored energy can be fed back.


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