Network Connection and Dynamic Models of Wind Power Parks

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Szabó László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Renewable resources are constantly gaining ground all around the world; Hungary

constitutes no exception. Among these resources we find a particularly large number of

wind power plants and wind farms. Integration of wind energy, however, comes with

significant difficulties due to the stochastic nature of wind. Because of this, very strict

regulations have come into force upon building and maintaining wind turbines. In my

thesis, I will present these regulations and observe the behavior of a dynamic model.

Firstly, I will elaborate on what kind of wind power plants there are along with their

respective advantages and disadvantages. Afterwards, Hungarian wind power plants and

electricity grids will be presented briefly.

In the following chapter I will discuss in-country and foreign Grid Codes in detail, at the

end of the chapter I will compare the two.

Furthermore, my task was to create a dinamic model, subject to inspection with the help

of a simulator. For this purpose I have chosen software called Power System Simulation

for Engineering, solely developed to observe electricity grids.


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