Control of wind power plants

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Dr. Hunyár Mátyás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In this thesis, I targeted writing a summary of the wind generator control methods. After thoroughly examining the literature about wind turbines, it became clear, that there was no complete piece of work, that absolutely covered the knowledge about these renewable energy producer machines. Therefore, in my work I present the necessary measuring processes, the most crucial relations in energy production and the two essential controlling solutions’ both logical and mechanical structure.

So I will firstly discuss the major representatives of wind speed and direction measuring instruments, including their physical structure and their measuring method. We live in the era of innovative technology, so I will present two special operated instruments, that use the most advanced technology for effectively carrying out their tasks.

After that, in the next chapters, I briefly summarize the most important relations about the wind turbine power generation. Then I present the yawing and the blade pitch control, which are the utmost used technologies controlling the power production of a wind turbine. I will show their main structure and the way they are controlled. Finally in an approximate calculation I will compare them.


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