Novel applications of wideband distributed amplifier

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Dr. Zólomy Attila Imre
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The thesis describes the theory design process realization and measurements of a wideband distributed amplifier working up to 6 GHz. The design starts with the investigation and extraction of a wideband equivalent circuit model of the applied HEMT active device from the scattering parameters. Using the wideband model an analytical wideband distributed amplifier design approach described in reference [1] is applied. As a next step the secondary parasitic effects are taken into account by computer simulations and optimization techniques. The amplifier is realized and built and through fully tested. The test results show good agreement with simulated values.

The second part of the thesis makes a theoretical investigation about the possibilities of usage of these types of these amplifiers at higher order passing bands. The first idea of working in higher order passbands was introduced in reference [1] as well. However, deep theoretical analysis was not presented there. The paper starts the theoretical investigation of these fields. The goals of my thesis are to design, realize and test of an example amplifiers. As a first step I try to estimate the parameters of the amplifier working in higher order passing bands. These parameters are the follows: gain, input- and output return loss, starting and cut-off frequencies, bandwidth. The investigation of the noise figure is neglected. And as a next step, what is the main part of the thesis, I design a distributed amplifier which can be operating at the second passing band. The design includes the previous numerical calculations, the computer aided simulations and optimizations. Finally I review the measurement results of the realized amplifier.

To summarize the main part of my thesis is how we can use a distributed amplifier in a higher order passing band, and the goal is to design, realize and test an example amplifier which as far as my knowledge goes cannot be found any references.


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