Direct torque and power control of wind power generators

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Dr. Veszprémi Károly
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the energy industry, environmental friendliness and sustainable development become more and more important, so the importance of wind power plants and their contribution to produce electrical power are growing. That means, the reliability and the characteristics of these plants are significant questions nowadays and they can be improved by developing the controllers of their power converters. Therefore research related to these controlling algorithms are essential.

In my thesis I analyzed direct controllers which are considered as alternative of the traditional field-oriented ones. To do that I made the models of the permanent magnet synchronous generator, the AC grid, the power converters and the DC grid. I designed a direct torque controller ( DTC ) for the machine-side converter and a direct power controller ( DPC ) for the grid-side converter. By using these elements I have constructed the model of the whole electrical subsystem of the wind power generator and ran simulations on it. For that work I used per-unit quantities and Matlab Simulink environment. I have made deep analysis of the system in various states like starting and loading up and also examined the reactive power producing capabilities.

Based on the simulations I have seen that direct controllers mean a real alternative as they are robust and have good dynamics properties. Moreover they are well fitted into digital control environment. In later research it can be continued with making the model more precise, for example with considering the relationship between torque and wind speed by modeling the turbine. Another way to continue is to examine another machines like double-fed induction generator.


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