Measuring changes in mental abilities with computer games

OData support
Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

It is important for everybody to stay mentally healthy as long as possible although the mental decline is part of the natural aging process. It is really hard to recognize, even to close relatives, when this decline has become severe. The mental sickness could make the patients’ life very hard which is also difficult for the people around them. Physicians could assess this severe state but in the most cases, patients visit the clinic too late. At an early stage, the intervention for reducing the effects of the mental sickness could be more effective.

In my thesis I analyzed online games and based on that I developed computer games which could be easily used even for elderly people to train their mental abilities and to stay mentally well. The games monitor their achievements while playing. Every game collects amount of data continuously for further analysis. With these huge amount of data, we expect to recognize typical trends which could warn the player or their relative to consult a doctor.


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