Optimizing the topology of windfarm collector system and analyzing transients caused by internal faults and start-up switchings

OData support
Prikler László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In order to maintain economic development we must reduce our carbon and other harmfull pollutant emmisions. With green industries and renuvable energy production it can be reached, the exploit of wind power is an integral part of renuvable energy. In my thesis I presented medium voltage cable network optimization in wind farms, with the aim of modelling the collection network for swithing transients and shot circuit analysis, in order to increase operational safety.

The placement of wind turbines, is a key aspects to reach maximum wind speed, and power production. For the optimal cable network there aren’t any perfect designs, but the combination of the designs can acces it.

The network losses of the medium voltage collection network is greatly influenced by the voltage level, and therefore we should chose the higher 35 kV voltage level and higher cost to minimize network losses.

Int he future I want my work to countinue this way to plan and optimise a collection network for a wind farm, and modell it in order to research swithing transients and shot circuit analysis.


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