Semantic documentation management in model-driven software engineering

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the today’s world people are trying to do everything the easiest way – to automate if possible. A carefully designed software has to meet important criterions and the developer has to keep the reliability in mind too.

Model-driven software development paradigm gives a solution for this problem. Its main object is to use generalization, abstraction to model our program's behavior so we can generate our program code's significant part based on it.

As in the case of a serious project it is important that these models and the required developer tools are documented properly, it makes the development so much easier. EcoreDocgen is a documentation generator tool, made by Méréstechnika és Információs Rendszerek Tanszék and Q-Gears Kft, which serves this function exactly.

Currently with the tool we can assign text contents to model elements. I am going to make an expansion of this component so that a more structured, rather semantic data can be stored in our metamodel. This will be useful because these types of information can be processed by a computer too. Thereby we can use it in intelligent services such as the version validation of the instance model. Furthermore it can be used to integrate several systems (e.g DOORS requirements system).

In the course of my thesis I will expand and improve the EcoreDocGen component with the support of modelling based on the Xcore and Xtext technologies. My goal is to create a system that helps the model driven software development as well as possible.


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