Design of a personal indentification hardware for a fleet tracking system

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Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The object of my thesis is design a device which can maintain driver identification functions as a module of an existing fleet tracking system.

The manner of identification is specified: the driver can identifies himself or herself by a little keyboard or by his smartphone via bluetooth.

At first I describe the goal of the thesis, the requirements of the firm which cares the topic and the relevance of the topic.

The second chapter is about the interpretation of task and precise definition of the specifications.

In the third section I demonstrate the standards of communication used by the device. I provide a short overview of bluetooth and RS485 standards.

The fourth chapter is about the steps of designing:

• choosing the parts

• preparing the schematics

• designing the printed circuit board

• building the prototype

• testing the prototype

• correct the mistakes appeared

• redesigning the printed circuit board

In the last section I evaluate the completed device and scheme the directions of the improvment of the device.


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