Customizable radio

OData support
Dr. Csapó Tamás Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

A typical radio is playing music and presenting news to the audience. These tracks have a wide range of styles to reach an even wider range of audience. It is a matter of taste to like the tracks or not, because not everyone likes the same kind of music. Because of this, sometimes we can hear beloved music and sometimes others, that we do not usually listen. It is a similar way with news. There are different columns in which we can listen to news in national and international political, cultural, sport, science or many other topics. Of these news types, we can have some that we carefully listen to and other ones that we just wait to end.

A customizable radio service may solve these problems. During first step of planning I surveyed the demands of the audience. For this I created a control group to discuss the details of planning, implementation and design with. Their opinion was helping me to satisfy the most of the user needs during implementation. When I finished the application, I also made user tests. I improved the application based on the incoming opinions and suggestions, which was followed by tests again. These iterations have helped me to improve the user experience.

The mobile application I have created is basically a music player, that can play every music file having an MP3 extension. This helps us to bridge the gap between the radio’s and our taste of music. Naturally, the news can be personalized, too. The news sites and the categories beneath them can be chosen. Furthermore, maximum age of news can be set, too. The application reads you the news one-by-one between two tracks with Text-To-Speech, just like when you listening to an average radio station. The frequency of the read out can be set in minutes.


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