Implementing user specific dictionary application with Spring and Angular

OData support
Kövesdán Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

According to recent trends in informatics, HTML5 and related technologies draw increasing attention.

They enable their user to build complex applications in mobile, as well as in desktop and server platforms.

With more companies applying open source philosophy and with a growing number of developers, libraries made by a third party are now available for anyone. Learning to apply an existing developer library basically carries almost more value nowadays than implementing a new one. Thanks to advanced developer tools and technologies, a lot of work can be done by one person. Thus, a three layer application can be done by a single developer within reasonable amount of time and acceptable quality.

In my thesis I present the development of a full stack application using Spring and Angular 2+ technologies. The program is a dictionary, where the client is made using only web technologies. In the first chapter I analyzed and specified the task. Then one can read a detailed review of the applied technologies. On client side these are Cordova, Angular 2+ and Ionic. On backend side Spring. After the review I introduce the process I used on both sides, including the code architecture and implementation on both server and client side.


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