Carbon dioxide concentration based state estimation of desiccant cartridge

OData support
Jánosi András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The important criterion for the trucks air brake system that the water content of the influx air does not enter to the system, because it leads to corrosion and errors. The filtering is performed by a desiccant cartridge. At high pressure this cartridge can bind water and other particles. During the filtration the cartridge can take to a state that is unable to bind particles, in this case we are talking about saturation. In this state, the particles break through the filter and penetrate the system. The cartridge can be regenerated at low pressure in order to avoid saturation. The time of the cartridge saturation has only been estimated on the basis of preliminary calculations. The task is designed to test a method that can predict the saturation by measurements.

The zeolite is able to bind particles of different sizes. Near the saturation due to the size of the molecules, the different materials break through the filter layer at different times. This fact is applied to predict the breakthrough of particles of the water by monitoring the breakthrough of the larger carbon-dioxide molecules.

This thesis contains the process of implementing the previous preparation system, including the hardware configuration and the preparation and evaluation of measurements.


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