Sensor network control software for intelligent fence application

OData support
Belső Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The protection of private and public lands has long been an important thing, usually with distinction from other areas. These areas are often bounded by fences in order to prevent the unauthorized passage. In this application, we supply the fence of some kind of area (for example estate, motorway) with a network of autonomous, cooperative accelerometer sensors. Thus, we can detect the natural or intentional damage to the fence, or any other kind of rare events.

I used ADXL345 accelerometers and Texas Instruments CC430 microcontrollers (equipped with on-board radio interface) for implementation, because these devices support advanced power management. During the development of my thesis paper, my job was designing an efficient, reliable and low power consumption wireless network communication protocol based on SimpliciTI libraries. My job was also developing a user-friendly alarm signal transmission system (based on the designed communication protocol), which could be monitored and controlled by command line interface (CLI).

My final job was the preparation of the prototype of the designed system using the available evaluation boards, then making measurements and tests.


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