Development of a Sensor-Driven Home Trainer Application

OData support
Kertész Zsolt László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

A sedentary lifestyle includes serious physiological risks. Especially during winter, it's hard to get the motivation for physical activities. Without proper weather conditions, we need to substitute the outdoor sport with it's indoor equivalent, which often very boring and impoverished. Our goal is to make this indoor activity as entertaining as possible. We use a number of bluetooth sensors to record the actual movement and activity of the user in order to give feedback about their actual performance. With Google Maps APi we visualize a Street View layer, in which we draw the virtual track of the user, we set an in-app goal system to motivate and entertain the athlete during sport sessions.

We save each session so that later the athlete can review the training, set a goal to beat a saved session. Our motivational system will include a "lost" mode in which we spawn in an unknown panorama location on the map and we need to figure out our current position by guessing a position on a map.


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