Development of the main circuit in the data collection unit of a sensor network

OData support
Bányász Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

This Thesis is part of a research and development project hosted by GE (Lighting) Hungary Ltd, aimed towards a new technological trend, the “intelligent machines”, and the “internet of things”. The project’s goal is the complete development and realization of a sensor network, connected with an advanced data analytics system, the data collection units of which – while not being the integral part of the street lighting system – are attached to the lighting poles; and measure data which could be useful for a city management. The data are sent with M2M technology over a GSM network, and the project itself is an attempt to extend the traditional lighting system with modern IT services.

The task of this Thesis within the aforementioned system is the complete hardware and software design of the data collection unit, which includes choosing (some of) the sensors, attaching them to the embedded microcontroller and creating appropriate processing/filtering methods for the measured data to be sent to the M2M communications unit.

Unfortunately – due to unexpected complications of (mainly the software design) task – only a prototype could be realized, which has some limitations, most of all, it does not include some of the more advanced data processing algorithms needed for a few sensors, and the calibration of some sensors remains also unsolved. However, the system still forms a working unit, sending data over M2M, which completely lays down the fundamentals of the final system. Naturally, the project in GE is expected to continue to completion.


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