Communication test of sensor networks

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Dr. Hosszú Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

In the course of my work I’ve modelled a sensor network, as well as developed an eligible routing protocol for it. I designed a simple network consisting of two nodes, thus getting acquinted with the basic functions of the simulator program. I created the protocol model of my own network with the OMNeT program, which is ususally used for networks consisting of personal computers and routers, using it for sensor networks. I implemented my routing algorithm with the use of IP tables. I made my model more detailed by simulating the unexpected breakdown of the nodes, as well as creating connections with different delay times and baud rates between the units. I examined what happens in the network in the event that every node sends messages to every other node, that is there’s no central processing unit, rather everyone sums up the information having gotten from others. I implemented my routing protocol based on pure physical attributes, not needing the use of IP tables anymore.

In my thesis, I summarize the basic properties and installation aspects of sensor networks. Based on results found in literature I mark the protocols of these networks, as well as take a look at the basis of IP routing. I compare a few popular network simulators in regard to various aspects, then I choose one to complete my assignment, and present its most important features. With the help of this program I model my created network and its functioning protocol, then qualify it with control simulations.


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