Assessment of reliability and energy efficiency in sensor networks

OData support
Dr. Fazekas Péter
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In the course of my thesis, I presented the basics of sensors and the fundamental properties of sensor networks. I studied the corresponding report, defined by the 3GPP standardization group. This document provides a solution to fit devices with limited resources to the LTE network. I defined the aspects, which the network can be measured by, based on the recommendation and the given task. I also defined the ways, these aspects can be measured and interpreted.

Reposed on these, I designed an appropriate model. This model is created with the prerequisite that it is must be capable of handling multiple sensor networks with different parameters. The model must support the measurement of consumption and reliability of different sensor networks.

I created a simulation program, which I based on the previously described model. I generated different results in it with differing settings. These results were analized and evaluated. I drawn conclusions from the results and also pointed out the correspondances.


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