Interfacing Sensors to OpenWRT Using Internet Technologies

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Due to the continuous expansion of the Internet it is becoming more accessible for embedded devices to be connected to the Web and the application of the IoT(Internet of Things) model is also getting more popular. The usage of these technologies provides an opportunity to synchronize embedded systems placed far from each other and supply them with the possibility of communication. The application of standard and unified interfaces is also advised in case of using Internet technologies in order to ensure the system being easily extendible, which provides a cost-effective solution.

Within the scope of my thesis I describe a solution for interfacing a broadband router and a microcontroller unit with sensors which uses Internet technologies for communication. Broadband routers are presented in most of the houses and due to the significant computational resource of them are used in several experimental systems as a sensor interface. Besides, for these devices, special Linux distributions are accessible from which I used OpenWRT. My goal was the examination of the interfacing and the presentation of an experimental data collecting system, which can be used to store the measured parameters for later analysis and the visualization of the data was also implemented. It is presented by a web page which help the user observe the fluctuation of the parameters easily. In order to check how the system works the test process of it is presented and at the end of my thesis I summarize the experiences gained during the development process and review how my work could be subsequently improved.


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