Embedded software development for the sensor board of BME-motion's electric car

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The BME-motion team founded with one goal, to create a racing car based on the Formula Student racing series regulation which fully operated by electricity. The card intorduced in the thesis serves in the vehicle’s control unit and it’s created completely by the team. Their goal was to solve the sensor fitting tasks occurred in the car.

My assignment’s goal is to intorduce the sensors’ – connected to the vehicle – features and operating principles. And to creat a software to this card in C programming language which able to process the datas and send them forward in an appropriate form. The development of the software is done by the microcontroller's embedded programing which placed on the device. This processor is Atmel AT32UC3C0512C type controller. The program is in a structure which could be operated and modulated by an inexperienced user.

Informations and experiences written in this document could be good guiding principles for the team for development later in the software.


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