Sensor driven game development on Android platform

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Gerencsér Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During the last fifteen years, popularity of mobile phones has increased exponentially, and in response to that more and more people use them every single day. This process is still going on with the continuous appearance of new devices in the market. The increased demand for phones created more resources in the research of mobilephone technologies, thus improving the technology itself. This resulted in a rapid improvement and led to the apperance of a new kind of devices called smartphones.

A smartphone has a lot of functions besides the ability to call other people. Its other useful features has been proven to be extremely useful in our daily life. These features include taking and sharing pictures, shooting videos, managing our tasks, and last but not least the opportunity of running applications, such as games. Maybe the last one is the most frequently used among all of them, because people have always loved to play games in order to relax and relieve stress.

During this semester I've collected information about the most popular mobile platforms of our day, and I examined them from the view of a developer. Concentrating on the Android platform, I got familiar with the process of the application development and I tried to find solutions for the problems that occured. I used my newly gained knowledge to design and implement a graphic game for Android that provides a different user experience from PC games by using the sensors of the phone and realistic physics simulation. I also created a server modul for the game that helps by serving one of the game's functions.


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