Build-up facilities to downsize of the circuit-carriers size

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Hajdu István
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays on the one hand electronic devices are getting more and more complex and they contain a lot of components. But on the other hand manufacturers continuously have to reduce the size of their products, in order to maintain their competitiveness in the market. The components are mainly located on printed circuit board (PCB).If we can miniaturize the PCBs, then the size of the terminal product will decrease also.

There are several technological solutions for the reduction of the size of the PCBs. It is an established custom that the copper pathways are laid inside the PCB in a laminated way. The embedded components provide a more modern solution, since they principally bury the passive elements, which were made with thick and thin film technology. Another solution could be the miniaturization of the components. Therefore we can reach higher density of the components. All the mentioned methods mean new problems to face with for the engineers, that is why they have to create new solutions for these problems.

In my thesis I analyzed more accurately the technology of the embedded components and that how we can assemble the ultra small components? Firstly, I designed a multilayer substrate with embedded polymer thick film resistances and then I investigated the features of these resistances. Secondly, I investigated the problems of the assembling of the components with the code number 01005 and I searched the opportunities for optimization.


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