Developing a role play game portal on Java EE platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The beauty of tabletop role playing games is in the freedom it gives. Though many rules and conventions bound the player during the creation of a character, the players can (with mutual agreement) disregard them any way they like. This is the most difficult task websites of this area have to face. One option is to put in as many rules as possible (which are sometimes contradictory) making the site cumbersome to use, and some options can not be used because they were not part of the original rules. The opposite of this is using pen and paper, which is probably the most convenient way of doing thing to this day. The disadvantage is that it cannot be rewritten infinitely, the paper will wear out sooner or later.

The basic idea of my web application was to not let either of these extremities get in the way. I wanted to combine infinite rewriteabiliy with only a few rules. Then came other ideas that have something to do with roleplaying, like sending private messages to other players (users), creating teams and the event organizer. The character creation process includes a 3D builder, whict allows users to assemble a model out of predefined parts. The teams can use the chat page, and there is a simple webshop to advertise accessories or books.

The web application would not be complete without the obligatory website stuff, like registration confirmation through email, resending a forgotten password or encrypting the user password.

In my thesis, I will elaborate the steps leading to the final result, and explain how it all works.


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