Designer Software for Creating Teching Materials

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The most important message of this project is to show that the standardization of education carries just as many advantages and disadvantages as its layering. Producing learning materials is for a given layer, and the one who makes these has to meet some requirements. Learning materials can be too complicated or too unsophisticated for different people. Therefore an interactive learning material that contains the core material and their explanations for students who require them serves as a solution. This way the material can be unified, yet layered to be used for most student needs.

The project aims to ease the side effects of the fast paced evolution of technology. Computer science became a part of our lives and in some measure everyone needs to be familiar with it. The generation that cannot keep the pace has needs that must be recognized. Editor software provide a large scale of functionality for the user, yet some user might find this uncomfortable to use.

As a part of the project the needs will be introduced in detail and the possibilities of available software as well as planning a software that satisfies the demands. The plan is done using object oriented paradigm and is visualized with UML diagrams.

The second part of the project is about the implementation and testing of the software with all the code parts explained that use a distinct technology. Testing was done during implementation and after the completed software. Finally it is determined whether the software meets the pre-defined requirements.


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