Automatization of server installation processes

OData support
Dr. Gulyás András
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

With the appearance of cloud computing, management of data centers is becoming even more important with special care to tools which allow automatisation.

In the thesis, I will describe lifecycle management related ITIL processes, based on which a server provisioning process that complies with ITIL recommendations is to be made, that covers the lifecycle of a server starting with the provisioning necessity.

The implemented process attempts to find an efficient solution to the upcoming problem from the angle of datacenter activities. In this case the aim is to create automatisation in the highest possible scale, that transforms fundamental steps into precisely defined, automated steps. In a long term usage the positive effects can also be shown in financial regards, because its more efficient and much faster, than a manual workflow.

Through the use of the HP Operations Orchestration process automation software, the network configuration phases (eg. determination of network location of the server based on role, IP address, DNS configuration generation and download to server) of server provisioning are to be implemented based on a change request originating from a HP Service Manager.

The realized process is fully documented, its steps are obvious and it can be customised flexibly according to the demands. To manage the network, I used Alcatel Vital QIP software, which is able to execute commands from a remote computer via its command line interface.

After planning the process, I review in details the implementation section, like the steps of the configuration, then the finalized systems’ test results. In the last period, I review possibilities to develop the workflow and draw the conclusions of the task resolved.


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