Firmware for Server Management Card

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Remote management has been long applied for network equipment and servers. This function can be available in some computers (servers) integrated, but when a PC computer cannot provide this option, the user may add management card to the motherboard. Either solution we choose, the hardware costs of remote access are very high; therefore, we must carefully consider the application of it. Therefore, in everyday life, they do not used in a great extent.

Because of the above mentioned facts, the topic of my thesis is the development of a simple, low cost management card that provides remote access primarily through web interface, especially for Linux-based computers and embedded systems. Main requirements: the Management card, what I develop, must be reliable and small as possible, and have to perform the basic functions required, and in addition, it must be low cost also. The main function of this Management card is to carry out the low level management tasks. The card will also be able to solve these, if the managed computer is turned off.

In previous semesters I made the specification and designed the detailed schematics and PCB layout of the management card. I tested the manufactured prototype. In this semester I make the embedded software specification of the management card, implement it and test the proper operation of the management card. Due to complexity of the project I prepare the embedded software using embedded operational system. I look into the HTML markup language and create the graphical user interface of the management card.


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