Server-side synchronization for Postlock's list datatype

OData support
Dr. Hanák Péter
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The goal of the Postlock project is to create a framework for facilitating the work of collaborative web application developers. Postlock provides a shared memory which can be modified by remote machines connected to internet and they automatically receive all the changes from each other.

By using Postlock, a developer does not have to take care of synchronization of data and the possible resolution of conflicts – Postlock does this on behalf of the developer. To get started, users need to run the Postlock server written in Erlang and load the client-side JavaScript library. For example, by using Postlock it is possible to create a collaborative text editor where more people can edit the same text at the same time, as in Google's application, Google Docs1.

In this paper, I will introduce the current architecture of Postlock then address Operational Transformation (OT) – the method that provides the base of Postlock's synchronization. I will show the usage of OT in Postlock on a specific datatype, the list.


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