Designing server-room monitoring hardware

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the vast majority of the companies have their own servers which are very important to store and operate in safe. In the European Union three-quarter of the companies place their servers in a data center, where several parameters of the server room must be monitored for safe and cost-effective operation.

The most important task of installing a server in a server room is to provide constant supply. Furthermore proper temperature and humidity should be provided to create an ideal operating environment which grants the longest lifetime for servers.

The goal of my thesis to create a microcontroller application which watches the different parameters of the server room. The hardver designed for the thesis contains two separated panels, a central unit and a sensor modul. The temperature and the humidity sensors are located on the sensor modul while the supply observer circuit and the user interface are on the central unit. These two moduls communicate each other with an RF transceiver, so the measurement of the parameters can happen in different spots of the room, which makes this application portable. If any of these watched parameters differ from an ideal value, the central unit sends an alarm signal via network. Since blackout is a significant risk factor, the panels have their own battery.

Besides its primary function, this application can be used for a portable thermo- and hygrometer at home. In this case it can supply health care functions, because it helps adjusting suitable temperature.


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